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Gulab Jaman CAN Gulab Jaman CAN

Gulab Jamun

$4.99** $4.49

MT's Deliciously soft and tempting Gulab jamun that melt in the mouth. Traditional Indian sweets for everyday celebrations.Ready-to-eat Gulab jamun in a container. Weight: 1 kg

Instant Rava Idli Mix


MTR's Instant Rava Idli Mix Weight: 500 gms

Chana Masala


MTR's Chana Masala Weight: 100 gms

Bisibelebhat Masala


MTR’s Bisibelebhat Masala Weight: 100 gms

Spiced Chutney Powder


MTR's Spiced Chutney Powder Weight: 200 gms

Chana Masala Ready to Eat


MTR's Chana Masala Ready to Eat Weight: 300 gms    

Madras Sambar Powder


MTR's Madras Sambar Powder Weight: 100 gms

Alu Methi


MTR's Alu Methi, Ready to Eat Weight: 300 gms

Dal Fry Ready to Eat


MTR's Dal Fry Ready to Eat Weight: 300 gms

Bhindi Masala


MTR's Bhindi Masala, Ready to Eat Weight: 300 gms

Gulab Jamun Mix


MTR's Gulab Jamun Mix. Weight: 500 gms

Badam Drink6.08 oz (Can) 6 pack


MTR;s Badam Drink [6.08oz] Can  6 pack Weight: 36.42 oz

Hing Powder (Asafoetida)


MTR's Hing Powder (Asafoetida) Weight: 100 gms

Puliogare Powder


MTR's Puliogare Powder Weight: 200 gms

Pav Bhaji - Ready to Eat


MTR's Pav Bhaji- Ready to Eat Weight: 300 gms

Mixed Vegetable Curry (Ready to Eat)


MTR' s Mixed Vegetable Curry Weight: 300 gms

Paneer Butter Masala & Pulao - Curry Sutra (Ready to Eat)


MTR's Paneer Butter Masala &Pulao Weight: 375 gms

Navratan Korma (Ready to Eat)


MTR's Navratan Korma Weight: 300 gms

Poha Regular (Box)


MTR's Poha Regular (Box) Weight: 230 gms

Vermicelli Payasam Mix


MTR"S Vermicelli Payasam Mix Weight: 180 gms

Tomato Rice - Ready to Eat


MTR's Tomato Rice - Ready to Ready  Weight:250 gms

Vegetable Upma Box - 3 Minute Beakfast


MTR's Veg Upma Box - 3 Minute Breakfast Weight: 230gm

Masala Upma Mix


MTR's Masala Upma Mix Weight: 200 gms

Instany Plain Upma Mix


MTR's Instant Plain Upma Mix Weight: 170 gms

Instant Rice Idli Mix


MTR's Instant Rice Idli Mix Weight: 200 gms

Sambar Paste


MTR's Sambar Paste Weight:100 gms

Sambar Powder


MTR's Sambar Powder Weight: 200 gms

Pav Bhaji Masala


MTR's Pav Bhaji Masala Weight:100 gms

Sambar Mix


MTR's Sambhar Mix Weight: 200 gms 

Vegetable Pulao - Ready to Eat


MTR's Vegetable Pulao - Ready to Eat Weight: 250gms

Muttar Paneer - Ready to Eat


MTR's Muttar Paneer Weight: 300 gms



MTR’s Bisibelebhat Ready to Eat Weight: 300 gms

Pongal - Ready to Eat


Pongal -Ready to Eat Weight: 300 gms  

Alu Matar


MTR's Alu Matar, Ready to Eat Weight: 300 gms

Paneer Makhani (Ready to Eat)


MTR's Paneer Makhani Weight: 300 gms

Rajma Chawal - Ready to Eat


 Rajma Chawal - Ready to Eat Weight: 300 gms

Rava Dosa Mix


Gits' Rava Dosa Mix Weight: 500 gms

Dosa Mix


MTR's Dosa Mix Weight: 200 gms

Seviyan Vermicelli


MTR's Seviyan Vermicelli Weight: 400 gms

Sambar. Ready to Eat


MTR's Sambar - Ready to Eat Weight: 300 gms

Lemon Rice Powder


Lemon Rice Powder 100 gms

Tomato Rice Powder


MTR's Tomato Rice Powder Weight: 100 gms

Multipurpose Curry Powder


MTR"s Multipurpose Curry Powder MTR's 100 gms

Chat Masala


MTR's Chat Masala Weight: 100 gms

Bisibelebhat Paste


MYR’s Bisibelebhat Paste Weight: 200 gms

Puliogare Paste


MTR's Puliogare Paste Weight: 200 gms

Pulao Masala


MTR's Pulao Masala Weight: 100 gms

Madras Rasam Powder


MTR's Madras Rasam Powder Weight: 100 gms

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