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Bitter Gourd Pickle


Nirapara's Bitter Gourd (Pavakka) Pickle Weight: 400 gms

Curry Masala


Nirapara's Curry Measala . An aromatic blend of authentic spices to make the perfect delicious curry. Weight: 200 gms

Hot & Sweet Lime Pickle (400 g)


Nirapara's Hot & Sweet Lime Pickle. Pickles are a must for Indian Thali. Lemon (nimbu) pickle (achar) is very popular. This pickle is hot, sweet, and sour. Lemons have a zesty flavor and add red chili for hot and spicy and sugar for sweetness. Weight: 400 g

Nirapara Biryani Masala (100 g)


Nirapara's Biryani Masala is a blend of whole spices lightly roasted and powdered. It is used specifically for biryanis. The masala powder adds not only a flavor but also a faint aroma that is required in a perfect biryani. The blend is similar to garam masala which means hot spices. It is not spicy but can add pungency or over...

Nirapara Chilli Chicken Masala (100 g)


Nirapara's Chilli Chicken is a mouth-watering Indo-Chinese chicken recipe, cooked in the combination of Indian vegetables and Chinese flavors which turns into a delicious and simply irresistible main course dish. Chilli Chicken is the main accompaniment of the Chinese dishes, paratta, chappathi, etc. Weight: 100 g

Nirapara Coconut Chutney Powder (400 g) Nirapara Coconut Chutney Powder (400 g)

Nirapara Coconut Chutney Powder (400 g)

$3.99** $3.49

Nirapara Chutney Powder. When your taste buds look for the much needed punch this flavorful coarsely powdered condiment / Chammanthipodi comes to the rescue to finish off your meal. Yet another treasure hostelites bring and savor till they get back home and have fresh home cooked meal. The tangy and spicy special spice mixture to add an enhanced flavor to...

Nirapara Fish Curry Masala (100 g)


Nirapara's  Fish Fry Masala - the freshly ground special masala which gives the authentic taste to fish fry. Make enough, as this is sure to disappear. Weight: 100 g

Nirapara Garam Masala (200 g)


Nirapara's Garam Masala. A north Indian Masala that is pungent, but not fiery-hot. It is a combination of different spices & easy-to-make spice blends and is the heart of most Indian dishes. Weight: 200 g

Nirapara Malabar Chicken Masala (100 g)


Nirapara's Malabar Chicken Masala Weight: 100 g

Nirapara Palakkadan Matta Rice (10 kg) Nirapara Palakkadan Matta Rice (10 kg)

Nirapara Palakkadan Matta Rice (10 kg)

$19.99** $18.99

Palakkadan Matta Rice (also known as the Rosematta Rice, Kerala Red Rice, or Red Parboiled Rice) is an indigenous variety of rice grown in Palakkad District of Kerala. It is different from regular brown rice. It is widely used in Kerala and Sri Lanka on a regular basis and is the tastiest among the group. Kerala Matta rice is very...

Nirapara Pepper Chicken Masala (100 g)


Nirapara's Chicken fried with pepper and other spices gives a peppery flavor and a good taste to the dish. It is very spicy and served with chappathi, naan or other kinds of bread. Weight: 100 g