Grandma's Mango Jam (500 g)

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Grandma's Mango Jam

Weight: 500 g

Mango jam captures the sunny, tropical flavor of fresh mangoes for year-round use. Can up this simple mango preserve for a shelf-stable jam, or simply store it in the refrigerator for immediate use. Either way, mango jam is the perfect way to preserve mangoes.

Homemade mango jam on a spoon showing how thick the jam got naturally without pectin. My family absolutely loves mangoes.  I’m not just talking casual appreciation, I mean serious deep mango-related infatuation.  We love mangoes so much that we actually named our homestead “Vermont Mango Plantation,” as a simple homage to the perfect fruit. Bright and sunny, sweet and juicy…mangoes are everything I could want in a fruit.  We have a lovely attached greenhouse, and we were actually growing mango trees in there for a time (until our unruly geese broke in and trashed the place, but that’s another story).

Weight: 1.1 lb
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