Navadhanya Pooja Set / Religious Ceremony (9 Grains)

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Navadhanya is one of the most important items for many Hindu pooja rituals. The nine grains are offered to Navagrahas during the pooja. Navadanya includes Black Seasame Seeds, Bengal Gram, Horse Gram, Green Gram, Rice, White beans, Chickpeas, Black Gram, and Wheat. 

The Usage of the Navadhaniyam:

  1. Wheat is offered to Sun or Surya
  2. Paddy Rice is offered to moon or Chandra or Soma
  3. Chickpeas are offered to Mars or Mangal
  4. Green Gram is offered to Mercury or Budh
  5. Bengal Gram is offered to Jupiter or Guru or Brihaspati.
  6. White beans are offered to Venus or Shukra
  7. Black Sesame is offered to Shani or Saturn
  8. Black Gram is offered to Rahu
  9. Horse Gram is offered to Ketu

These are offered in Homams and on poojas for Navagraha Shanthi & Grihapravesam. Donating Navadhaniyam is considered to be one of the methods of Navagraha Shanthi.

These nine grains are grown in the sand during Navarathri Golu for prosperity. Each evening one of the Navadhaniyam will be cooked and offered to the deity and visitors in the form of "Sundal". The Kolu custom and evening pooja is incomplete without a Sundal made from one of the Navadhaniyam. Apart from the spiritual or religious beliefs of well-being when using a Navadhaniyam, intake of these grains has excellent health benefits.

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